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About Move Quick Properties

Move Quick is a 21st Century company – based in Scotland – which is true to the traditions that lie at the heart of the Scottish property market

Our managing director lives and works in Scotland. We understand the bond that exists between someone who has worked hard to own their own home and the property they are planning to sell.

We will act with honesty and integrity to ensure that the process of parting from that property is conducted fairly, openly and as quickly as possible.

We will use the latest technology to help you do that, email, mobile and Internet.  This keeps costs to a minimum and allows us to make you the best offer we can.

Our founder, Jenny Chuwen, has spent many years trading successfully in the Scottish property market.  She has been involved in hundreds of house sale transactions.

Jenny has also gleaned great personal enjoyment from launching The Teddy Bear Foundation, a Scots-based charity which provides help for children with special needs.

So far, the charity has paid out almost £500,000 to worthwhile causes from Inverness to the Borders.